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The Trials of Torrin… And success at Coyote Ridge!
By Michael Sabatini

Torrin was born April 14, 2006 at “Trinity Fjords” in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Torrin was neither the first, nor the last fjord which I purchased from “Trinity Fjords”. In all, I have six Trinity offspring, including Torrin’s full sister Alexi, as well as two of Torrin’s half-brothers, Trinity’s Strauss and Trinity’s Bach. I have heard fjord owners say that “you can’t have just one fjord” – much like potato chips or M&M’s; however, this was not the motivation for filling my barn with Trinity offspring. My long-term goal was to drive and compete with a four-in-hand and most team drivers have at least one spare horse. I felt that horses that shared similar breeding , or even better horses that were related, would be easier to work as a team, as they would have similar movement. Torrin, however, is proof that horses are living creatures with minds of their own…

... CLICK HERE ... to read all of this interesting and successful article. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience with us !

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Wednesday, 3rd of May 2017, STRYN

Numerous international guests travelled to Norway this year to look at the young horse shows and the annual stallion exhibition in Eid but also and specially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the international work with and for the fjord horses.
The current FjHI board team is very grateful to Norges Fjordhestlag and Norsk Fjordhestsenter for helping us with the organization of the celebration midday in Stryn ; to the “Fosnes” farm and the local fjord horse breeders for their great welcome and participation ; to Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre for the accommodation and service.
This big, strong fjord horse family reunion, accompanied by plenty of sunshine and good mood, was listening attentively to the welcome by Nils Ivar Dolvik, president of the Fjord Horse International association and further to the congratulations of Janne Seilen, leader of Norges Fjordhestlag. The gift she handed over to Nils on behalf of Norges Fjordhestlag was a very nice and appreciated surprise! Thanks.
The lunch pause was animated by international contacts and it was so good to meet, talk and discuss with fjord horse friends all over the world. Nine countries were represented (detail in the GA minutes). After a (long) while, the chats had to move for the presentations of three invited speakers. Judith Hegrenes, Arne Presthus and Eike Schön-Petersen did a great job to take us back in time and all of us followed closely the interesting information they presented about the beginning and earlier international work. These presentations will be published on our FjHI website in the coming days and we recommend all fjord horse friends to read this.
Jochen Nösinger, FjHI board member, talked about the updates of the international breeding statistics. Also these lists can be found on our website (link here).
The General Assembly of FjHI was the final activity of this splendid midday and you can find the minutes online (link here).
After this celebration we may say that all together, we are a super big family all-around the fjord horse and future international work will always be useful and needed… a lot of topics are waiting for us and we rely on your help, friends!
The FjHI board team (updated list here)

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Stallion show in Eid :  results and pictures on the homepage of Norges Fjordhestlag. (link here)


... Nordfjordeid 2016 ... with a nice article written by Pat Wolfe

Please click on the picture below to read the complete article and enjoy it !
Also this year the annual shows in Norway will bring lots of people together, welcome all of you.

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