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Some impressions, videos and photos after the annual Autumn meeting of Norges Fjordhestlag.
21st to 23rd October in Nordfjordeid

Results of the foal presentation on the homepage of NFL : HERE

Photos by "Inafoto" : HERE

Video's by "Lisbeth Strandum"  (both 22nd Oct 15:45 and 17:05)
- foals
- stallion presentation

 autumn meeting 2016 1

FEI ** Single Poney

Overall winner Berndl Leslie and Zoobie. Congratulations!!!

Comments of Zoobie's proud owner :
"The competition was very close with Leslie Berndl and Zoobie narrowly beating Tracey Morgan and her German gelding Fuego88, the combination that won the US National Championship in 2014. Zoobie won single pony Dressage, won overall FEI marathon, and was double clear in Cones.
Next up for Zoobie and Leslie are Selection Trials held in Florida in early 2017 for members of the US Pony Team to go to World Pony Driving Championships in Minden, Germany in August, 2017.
The Kentucky Classic was Zoobie’s 11th CDE competition and her 11th win – 7 at Preliminary, 2 at Intermediate and 2 at FEI2*."

 Link to the results : HERE
 Link to the United States Equestrian Federation news release: HERE

Leslie DRESSAGE Kentucky 2016 DRESSAGE

Leslie MARATHON Kentucky 2016 MARATHON

Leslie CONES Kentucky 2016 CONES

 Leslie award AWARD CEREMONY



Michaela McGrath and her fjord mare Ausdan Karin had qualified for the Royal London Show earlier in the year and the eagerly awaited day dawned last month.
An 04:30 start was made to make sure Ausdan Karin was turned out to perfection. It was a sunny day, not that it mattered as all the classes were inside in the main arena. Ausdan Karin was warmed up amidst lots of interest from everyone. Michaela & Steve also met up with fjord gelding Cobra-Joker. Steve said his humans were the typical fjord types (cheerful and funny).

Michaela said Ausdan Karin was 'on fire' as these results show:
- Pure Foreign Breed. THIRD
- Home Produced Rare/Foreign. THIRD
- Pure Foreign Breed. FOURTH
- Home Produced Rare/Foreign. FIFTH
- Open Rare/Foreign. FIRST
- Concours D'Elegance. FIRST

They qualified for the Championship among other first and second placed winners and : over to Steve - we were awarded ... Wait for it ...

We got home just before midnight and we all were shattered but it was worth every minute.
We were lost for words and close to tears with what we had achieved in the short time we have had Ausdan Karin, it just goes to show that what you put in you get back ten fold.
Absolutely right Steve and we, along with everyone else we are sure, congratulate Michaela, you and of course Ausdan Karin on a wonderful set of results all in one day and a great boost to the breed in achieving!


among such wide ranging and prestigious breeds.
Article by The Fjord Horse National Studbook Association of Great Britain

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