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Statutes approved by the General Assembly on 4th May 2016 :

 § 1 Name, Location, Language, Financial year

The name of the association is Fjord Horse International (FjHI).
The association is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) as it is understood by the definition of the United Nations.
The seat of the association shall be in Norway, with a Norwegian postal address.
The board can establish an address for the Secretary,
The official language is English.
The financial year begins on January 1stand ends on December 31st.

§ 2 Aims and Objectives

• To spread knowledge of the Fjord Horse throughout the world
• To preserve this unique and versatile breed according to the guidelines of the mother country Norway
• To maintain the purity of the breed
• To secure management of genetic resources
• To work towards international acceptance and exchange of breeding stock with due respect to the EU-legislation and the mother country Norway
• To support and encourage co-operation and exchange of experience between the member countries
• To support and encourage the education of breeders by arranging conferences in different member countries alone or together with the member associations
• To support and encourage the many people who use the Fjord Horse in popular sport, pleasure riding and driving etc.
• To initiate international events such as breed shows and championships.

§ 3 Membership

There are three types of membership:

National Fjord Horse associations. Each association has 10 votes.

Individual supporters (this membership is primarily for individuals who live in a country without a national Fjord Horse association
and secondarily for everybody who has a special interest in the Fjord Horse and want to support the breed). They have no voting rights.

Private members (this is for persons who were shareholders and have continued their membership). They have one vote.

National associations, purely devoted to the Fjord Horse, can apply for A-membership.

Only one association from each country (except the mother country Norway) can become a member of FjHI.

Norway is represented to FjHI by Norges Fjordhestlag (NFL) and Norsk Hestesenter (NHS).

The board of FJHI can appoint honorary members.

§ 4 Annual fee and voting rights

The annual fees are determined by the General Assembly. In order to participate at the GA, members must have paid the appropriate fee before the commencement of the meeting.
Various membership levels have differing numbers of votes.
This is reflected in the size of the annual fee.
The President/Chairman of a National association has voting entitlements.
In the event of his/her absence, a proxy may be appointed on his/her behalf.
In matters concerning breeding rules, testing rules and competition rules only national Fjord Horse associations may vote.
Decisions made regarding breeding rules have to be confirmed by the mother country Norway.

§ 5 Termination of membership

Membership of FjHI can/shall terminate
a) By voluntary resignation
b) By failing to pay the yearly fee
c) By not abiding to the statutes
The board can propose to terminate a membership.
The decision has to be taken by the GA with 2/3 of the casted votes.

§ 6 The General Assembly

1) The General Assembly takes place annually in April or May.
Participants with discussion rights in the GA are:
- Delegates from the national member associations.
- Private members
- The Board

Each national member association can nominate a maximum of 2 official delegates.
Individual members of the national member associations are invited to attend the GA as guests,
but they cannot take part in the discussions unless specifically invited to do so, nor can the individual supporters.
In connection with the GA, the Board can arrange a discussion meeting with the individual supporters.
All the participators have to be registered at last at the location of the GA before the beginning of the meeting.

2) Notice
A written invitation including information about date, time, place, and whether any board members up for election will run for re-election must be published on the FjHI-website at least 8 weeks in advance.
At least 4 weeks before the meeting the board shall publish the agenda, the annual report, details of candidates and proposals on the website.
The account shall be published or sent to the members by e-mail at the same time.

3) Election of board members and substitutes
Member associations must send information about candidates they wish to nominate  for the board seats and the substitutes up for election at least 5 weeks before the meeting, 
as must the board and private members.
This procedure shall not limit the possibility of proposing candidates for the board and for the substitutes at the GA itself.
The board consists of five members. Maximum five substitutes can be elected.
All positions are unpaid.
The GA elects the board and the substitutes for one or two years regardless of the nationality of the candidates.
The normal period for a board member is two years.
Only members of a FjHI member association can be elected or appointed to an official position within FjHI.
No country can be represented by more than one board member.
No country should be represented by more than one substitute.
The mother country Norway shall always be represented in the board.
Every year the president and two of the board members are up for election.

The elections and votes are to be carried out by secret ballot if requested by at least two persons present, who are entitled to vote.
Any member of the board except the president may function as vice-president.
The vice president is appointed within the board itself at the first board meeting after the GA every year.

4) Election of auditors
The GA elects one auditor for a period of one year.
Detailed accounts shall be available at the GA for anyone who requires sight of them.

5) Proposals
The following persons, groups, boards etc. may submit a proposal to the GA.
•Each board member of FjHI
•All of the boards of member associations
• Private members

Proposals from members about changes in the Statutes must be sent to the FjHI
Board before the end of February. Proposals about other matters must be sent to the Board before the end of March.

Changes to the statutes of FjHI require the presence of 2/3rds of the member countries and the consent of at least 2/3rds of the votes cast.
In other cases, decisions may be taken with a simple majority of the votes cast.
The elections and votes are to be carried out by secret ballot if requested by at least 2 persons present who have voting rights.

6) The agenda
The agenda of the regular GA must contain the following items:
1) Election of the meeting chair
2) Election of the meeting secretary to take the minutes
3) Election of two persons to sign the minutes
4) Approval of the agenda
5) Determination of the persons entitled to vote
6) Approval of the annual report
7) Approval of the accounts
8) Approval of the annual fee
9) Proposals
10) Elections
11) Miscellaneous

7) Extraordinary GA
51% of the member votes or the board can request an extraordinary GA to be held.

§ 7 The board

FjHI is managed by the board. The board deals with all current business.
The duties of the board are:
• To represent FjHI to the outside world and to promote the activities of the FjHI
• To call and run the GA
• To maintain regular contact with the various member groups
• To inform – primarily on the FjHI-website - about the work of FjHI and what is going on in the Fjord Horse world
The board is allowed to establish working commissions and ask for extern support, paid or unpaid, to accomplish current tasks.
The President of FjHI together with another board member has the authority to legally sign for FjHI.

§ 8 The Substitutes

The substitutes will support actively the FjHI board to deal the current business.
If it occurs, a substitute can act as deputy for a board member.
A substitute cannot be deputy for the president.
In case a board member is not able temporary or definitively to accomplish his task,
the board is allowed to nominate a substitute in its seat for a temporary period and maximum until the first upcoming GA elections.

§ 9 Liquidation

The liquidation of FjHI can only be decided by a special GA, which must be convened for this purpose.
The presence of 2/3rds of the member countries and the consent of at least 2/3rds of the casted votes are required.
If there is not a 2/3rds presence a new meeting must be convened between 8 and 16 weeks afterwards in which resolutions may be passed
regardless of this requirement and with simple majority vote.
After passing the resolution for the liquidation of FjHI, the capital of FjHI is to be transferred to associations with the same or similar goals.
The meeting decides by a simple majority who shall receive the capital.

May 4th, 2016
Nils Ivar Dolvik, FjHI president

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