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Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Maureen van Bon – Jochen Nösinger – Michelle Delaurier (board members) ; Susanne Petersen (Germany) - Zoltán Németh (Hungary) – Jacky Ernwein (France)


Mr Zoltán Németh is very grateful being invited in this meeting and he shortly told us about the breeding association in his country. We will be happy to meet him in Nordfjordeid in May, where a presentation of the Hungary's breeding association will be showed during the international conference.

International Exhibition in Germany

After some talks, the decision is taken that Susanne Petersen (Germany) and Asle Espe (Norway) should be part of a committee. They shall work together in a first time, to establish a program and propose a place and date for the exhibition. Also we need to have an estimation of the costs to rent the place of the event and make an overall budget. Afterwards, one person out of different countries should join the committee.

- Exhibition for mares, stallions, young breeding stock.
- Performance tests, riding & driving competition
- Certainly a good experience for judges coming together

- Susanne is thinking of a good place between Hamburg and Hannover

- In 2016 or 2017
- Cannot be organized in the same year of another big event such as the E.C. We have to find out when the next European Championships are to be held

- Nils contacted two Norwegian companies without favorable response until now
- The income money for the FjHI association is very small and the fees to participate must be low
- We'll have to look for sponsors in each country, as soon as the program, place and date are available

Rules for the European Championships

The work schedule as programmed in the meeting of 25th November 2014 couldn't be respected because of translation difficulties of the Nordisk Championships. Susanne will ask a friend to translate the pages (3 or 4) in English and the board agrees on a remuneration of 1000 NOK for this job. If necessary, Nils can ask a friend in the Netherlands for translation into Dutch. The rules should be ready for our next meeting on 24th of February, to be sent out to the associations.

FjHI Conference in Nordfjordeid - Wednesday 29th April 2015 – Open for everybody

Nils will ask for the program of the other activities in Norsk Fjordhestsenter and fit in the conference.

- Performance tests in Norway
- Inbreeding, study on Norwegian and Swedish Fjords with help of DNA
To be confirmed: Presentation of the inbreeding calculation system in the Netherlands
- Presentations:
• International breeding data
• The Fjords in Hungary
• New performance test in France
- Other (to think about)


Jacky Ernwein informs us about a new performance test in France, compulsory now for stallions of 5 year old, riding or driving.

Nils' travel to an education and evaluation event in California, half February

It should be nice if Nils could distribute medals on behalf of the FjHI association. Maureen can order medals and send them in due time to Norway. The FjHI logo is available in Germany, Jochen will send this material to her.

The meeting is closed at 9.30 PM with a special thanks to Susanne, Zoltán and Jacky for their participation.


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