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Minutes written by Nils Ivar Dolvik

Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon

1 EM rules – very intensive
2) Progress about an eventual exhibition in 2018 when Germany probably will have EC.
3) Conference Nordfjordeid in 2016.

Number 1:

We immediately started with the EU-rules and made the final corrections. Maureen would do as earlier and correct the manuscript and send it to the board members as soon as possible. It was also discussed to have someone read through it to correct the English. After that the manuscript will be sent to all member countries in Europe and also to Denmark that will arrange EC in 2016.

Number 2: Progress about an eventual exhibition in 2018 when Germany probably will have EC.

After a small discussion we found that first must Germany decide if they want to arrange EC in 2018. Thereafter Susan Petersen and Asle Espe who have said they could take responsibility for planning the exhibition to see what costs this will be for the responsible organizer. After that the Board must present this to the general assembly, especially as this also will be followed by some expenses for the FjHI.

Number 3: Conference Nordfjordeid in 2016.

We got information from the president that both USA and Canada will rejoin FjHI. Further they will attend the stallion show at Nordfjordeid in 2016 with as much as 8-10 persons. They have asked people from the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre if there will be an international conference.
We have discussed this earlier and are eager to get that in place and will also continue the co-operation with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre.
It was discussed issues to present at this conference, and here are some of them.

- Jochens information about breeding development
- Short presentation from new member including Hungary
- Performance tests, contribution from several countries
- Discussion about the importance of controlling inbreeding
- How may known generation to be a genuine Fjord
- How to identify a horse

This was some of the discussions that came up during the meeting. The Board will work out a program during our next meetings.
A new skype board meeting was planed the 15th of December.


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