Present: Susanne Petersen, Helena Kättström, Jenny Johnson, Leif Grimbühler, Jochen Noesinger, Jan Verbeeck,
Excused: Maureen Van Bon

After the opening of the meeting, Jenny welcomed the members present and in particular the representatives from Sweden and Germany. They were invited as part of our "tour around the Fjordhorse World".

What about the Fjord Horse in Sweden?

- As everywhere it was a difficult year, corona crisis, in which only the stallion show took place.
- In Sweden there is a high demand for horses. This makes the breeding go in a positive line.
- Interest comes from all age categories, but the youngsters are strikingly represented.
- There are currently between 5,000 and 10,000 Fjord horses in Sweden.

- Concrete questions for FHI :

     *  What about the 2021 Nordic Championship to be held in Sweden?
The board of FHI believes that it would be irresponsible to allow this organization to continue. There is still far too much uncertainty about the development of the pandemic to be able to give a positive advice. It would also be a shame if a lot of people put a lot of energy into the organization of this event during the following weeks and months, only to have to cancel it.
Jenny will ask the Norges Fjordhestlag whether they will take over the organization in 2023. (as EM is planned to 2022) and that we will talk about if it will pass in Norway or Sweden at a later meeting.

     *  How do we want to run the DNA tests? Hair samples or blood?
FHI still cannot give a definitive answer, but the tenor is to argue for hair samples. These are easier, and therefore cheaper, to purchase and ship.

What about the Fjord Horse in Germany?

- IGF is not a breeding association, but rather an association of associations that facilitates the organization of transcending activities.
- There is a high demand for horses, which far exceeds the supply. this question comes remarkably often from a group of slightly older people, who are given the time and space to start with horses. So they are often beginners.
Despite the high demand, breeding is capping. It is therefore a great challenge in Germany to support people in their breeding ambitions and to ensure that they continue to work as a breeder. Maybe FHI can also offer international support in this area?
- A very successful activity in IGF is the annual Fjord Horse Week which takes place during the last week of July. It is a great combination of holidays and sports activities for the members of IGFn their horses and their families. However, this week requires a huge amount of preparation and organization. Jochen will ask if there is any nice video material about it that can be shared. Is it an idea to look for possibilities to internationalize this Fjord Horse Week?

GA 2021:
- organize like in 2020.
- Organize a video GA via Zoom?

Stallionshow in Norway:
- The chance that we can be there live is extremely small.
- Jenny will propose to make the stallion show accessible via livestreaming.

Next meeting: 22/02/2021 20:30
Next countries in the "Tour around the World": Hungary and Norway.

Jenny thanks everyone for participating in the meeting.

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