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On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

Information collected by Susanne Petersen from the member countries and presented on the international conference at Nordfjordeid 2018 :

The situation is special because there are two breeding associations and very long distances to cover.
Performance testing of stallions hsd been discussed, but until now no test has been develloped. A problem is also seen in the education of judges. It is seen as most important for a possible test that the special disposition characteristics of the breed are tested.

Stallions have to be presented at 3,4,5 and 8 years. 3-and 4 year old stallions have to pass an obedience driving test, at 5 year old also an obedience ridden test. Without the tests no license for breeding is given. Tests in riding, driving, work driving available for mares. A system of premiums for tested mares. Geldings can do the tests as well
Tests of imported stallions are accepted according to EU rules

Stallions do not have to be licensed for breeding. Performance testing is a matter of personal engagement of the breeder.
Sometimes canadian breeders attend evaluations in the USA

Stallions have to pass a test when 4 years old, otherwise they cannot be presented for their second licensing and loose their breeding permission. No performance test for mares. Many mares and geldings are shown in jumping and dressage.  The results can be looked at performance tests. Special register for sporthorses.
Performance tests from other countries accepted.

Breeding stallions have to pass the test before they are 5 years old. The test aims to show the disposition of the stallions.
No test for mares available
Tests from other countries accepted according to EU rules

Germany 1
Two categories of stallions: licensed and performance tested: Hengstbuch 1
No performance test: Hengstbuch 2, offspring still gets full pedigree. Certain shows can not be attended, certain premiums can not be awarded
Available tests: 30 day station test: dressage, cross country, free jumping, riding judge, driving
BCHF: one day event involving dressage, cross country in a group, riding judge, jumps with water, trail parcours

Germany 2
In dressage, jumping, long distance riding, driving certain show results can be accepted as performance test Mares can do the same tests and in addition several field tests. The different breeding associations give different premiums for tested mares. The highest premium given by the Federation National, the „Bundesprämie“ is only given to performance tested animals.
Performance tests from other countries are not always accepted

Great Britain
Fjord stallions are evaluated at age of 3 to 4 depending on maturity. They are examined by an approved veterinarian for soundness and by approved judges for conformation, gaits and temperament. Written reports are issued. In it's 4th / 5th year the stallion has to pass evaluation tests in hand, ridden and driven. An overall score is given. If the stallion fails, no recommendation for breeding is given. Foals can still get pedigree papers up to the time of failure. The produce of foals covered after the date of failure will not enter the stud book and will be placed in the supplementary register.
There is no mandatory physical evaluation for mares except if the mare is intended to produce a breeding stallion. Then she must undergo a similar test to the 3 year old stallion evaluations.
Performance/evaluation tests of imported fjord horses are accepted in accordance with EU regulations.

A system of tests is established that covers a whole range of disciplines: Dressage, jumping, driving, work driving, riding outside and cross country. Breeding horses can do tests through all their life, as a field test with several parts on one day or only one part at a time. A horse can repeat a test on a later date if wanted. This system of standardized test designed especially for the Fjord breed gives a consistent observer a good idea about the disposition and work ability of a horse.

Besides being judged for conformation stallions have to pass a performance test which involves riding and driving and behaviour in hand, for ex. Feet are picked up and the horse has to stand still. Disposition features as calmness, frendliness, the desire to cooperate are considered the most important traits for a Fjord Horse. Stallions can do the test from the age of 3 yrs. Mares are not tested
Tests from other countries are approved if they can be approved by FjHI

All breeding stallions have to be performance tested. For being licensed at the age of three the stallions have to pass a disposition test in harness. At the age of 4 or 5 three day performance test involving driving, work driving, riding, test rider, free jumping Mares can do a ridden or driven field test. Certain premiums for tested mares.
Imported stallions have to pass the norwegian performance test

All horses used for breeding have to be performance tested, mares and stallions. If mares are not tested, their sons cannot be licensed for breeding; The test can be done at the age of four years or older One day driving test or one day ridden test available, also certain show results can be recognized as performance test. If horse fails the test (which seldom happens), it can come again.
Tests from other countries are regognized

Performance test in hand, testing nerves and disposition. Two categories of stallions, fully recommended for breeding only if test has been passed. Stallions without test are not recommended for breeding, but offspring gets full papers. Mares can do the same test, not mandatory
Tests from other countries are not recognized

Evaluation system with Driving, Draft, Riding and „Family Fjord Test“. These field tests are open to stallions, mares and geldings, it is highly appreciated if the tests are taken, but they are not mandatory.
There is a system of awarded ribbons in different colours, and points are given. All tests are develloped for the Fjord breed. The Family Fjord test aims especially at examining the disposition of the horse as a companion animal for non-professional handlers and riders. Horses can repeat a test

Illustrations collected by Susanne :

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