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FeNomen project

The three national Norwegian horse breeds, the Dole horse, the Fjord horse, and the Nordland/Lyngen horse are all listed on the FAOs list of endangered breeds.

In 2019 the available breeding populations consisted of ~2500 Dole horses, ~2800 Fjord horses (in Norway) and ~1600 Nordland/Lyngen horses, respectively (Norsk Hestesenter, 2020). However, only ~15% of the available mares are covered each year.

The Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research have funded the project FeNomen: Fertility in native Norwegian horse breeds.

The project is explaned in an article, written by :

Ingrid H. Holmøy1, Peer Berg2 og Caroline S. Haadem1,
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
2Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Faculty of Biosciences
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)


If you missed the live streaming or you want to look once more ... it is possible on this linkCLICK HERE

The international fjord horse lovers appreciated having the possibility to view the stallion show of this year and we warmly say "thank you" to the Norwegian association for the realization of the streaming ! 

 Also, we have the pleasure to publish some translations of the judge comments. If possible and if competent persons are available to help, some more translations could follow. 

LINK to the official Norwegian results with picture of the stallions : CLICK HERE 

ENGLISH translation by Susan Hellum : CLICK HERE

GERMAN translation by Susanne Petersen and Erhard Martin : CLICK HERE  (message from the translators : HERE)  

Thank you, all of you, for this super job !!  

FjHI Team

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Else and Phil Odden travel to Florida each winter with two Fjords and two dogs as well as plenty of carving work.
Phil tells us about the driving competition ... CLICK on the picture to read his message ... 

Phil Odden


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