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Brian Jensen passed into the Light 11 June 2020. 
There was a memorial service this summer in Lumby BC, Canada. Since travel is restricted, only family and close friends attended.

He is survived by his wife Ursula and his two children and their families.

What follows is the last article that Brian wrote and submitted to FjHI.
There are few words to describe Brian: wonderful, sensitive, and kind. He was a mentor and a friend to many of us. We miss him.

From the heart,
Rory Miller
NFHR Board Member


Brian : "Greetings---This a true story, but I added a little ambiance to make it more readable."

 A young prince/Lorenzo, meets with an elderly princess,/Nesja, Fjord mare...

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      (picture from Trinity Fjords)
picture Canada for article story

Note from his Norwegian friends : 

We are very sorry to learn that Brian Jensen no longer is among us.
Brian will among his friends in Norway, be remembered for his interest and engagement for the fjord horse breed, both as breeder and user of the fjord horses.
Brian visited the fjord horse show at Nordfjordeid several times, and he participated in the judges conferences, and also was part of the judge team like on this picture from the young horse evaluation show at Breim.
Brian Jensen will be remembered for his passion for the fjord horse breed and his great horsemanship, and he will be missed among his colleges in many countries.
Arne Presthus     picture norway Brian 002

Introduction to the article about relationship and genetic variance

On the website of FHI you can find a summary of a publication on the relationship and genetic variation between the Norwegian and Swedish Fjord horse population. The paper is called : Segment-based coancestry, additive relationship and genetic variance within and between the Norwegian and the Swedish Fjord horse populations. By: Hanne Fjerdingby Olsen, Saija Tenhunena, Nils Ivar Dolvik, Dag Inge Våge and Gunnar Klemetsdal

Click here to find the article

This article mentioned above is an important contribution to gaining more insight into the genetic variability within the Fjord horse and can provide tools to optimize this variability in the future.

The following article is a complement and answering "Why is this so important?"  :


Dear Fjord Horse friends,

This year is very difficult organizationally. Covid 19 cancels many local, national and international activities with our Fjord Horses. Almost every activity in which many volunteers have invested time and energy is canceled.

It is very unfortunate that Denmark cannot host the European Championships in 2020. Our Danish friends have done a lot of work to make this EUCH a successful and unforgettable event.

We undergo this situation with a heavy heart, but also realize that there is no other choice. After all, the responsibility for society and the care for our fellow human beings is a priority.
But we also want to think ahead. The FHI board was asked to make a proposal to the calendar of the coming international events. We note that some organizations invested not only time and energy, but also money in future activities.

In the run-up to the planning of the EUCH in Denmark, the board of FHI also made agreements with some national studbooks regarding the planning of the following years.
The board of FHI hopes that the calendar of international Championships will be disrupted by Covid-19 for only one year.

After considering the elements known to us and informal consultation with some directly involved parties, the board of FHI makes the following proposal :

2021: Sweden holds Nordic championships
2022: Denmark has the chance to host the European championships
2023: Norway holds the Nordic championships
2024: Germany has the chance to host the European championships

We hope that this planning proposal can contribute to an optimal preparation of the various international championships.
We also hope that this planning gives many people the opportunity to be active internationally.

With kind regards
Jenny Wright Johnsen
president FHI

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