Fjord Horse International's mission is to host an international forum of member countries around the world


On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Maureen van Bon – Jochen Nösinger – Jolien Cnapelinckx

Program :
1 Welcome, especially to our new board member.
2 Finishing of the new rules for European championship. (Please read the updated rules that were to us by Maureen the 25th of June!)
3 Free discussions on new topics for the board to work with.
4 Update and planning for our idea for a European exhibition.

Ad 1:
Nils, the president, wished all welcome and especially our new Board-member Jolien Cnapelinckx.

Ad 2:
The Board went through the rules for the European championship for Fjord horses once again. In this last version Maureen had made some corrections. Most of them were input from Aina Huseby that have kindly helped us and red through the rules and made some improvements. Maureen will now correct the rules after input from this Board meeting, and also ask Cassandre Back-Gansmo and Aina Huseby about two topics that still were confusing for the Board. As soon as this is in place she will send us a new version.

Ad 3:

The Board was discussing what topic should be our next, for the fjord horse. No specific new topics were mentioned but the Board will discuss this in our next meeting. Some discussions on statuses for the inbreeding project for Norwegian and Swedish horses were mentioned.

Ad 4:

Jochen informed that one of our substitutes, Susanne Petersen, was at the moment in Lumühlen south of Hamburg to be informed about the possibilities and prices to organize an exhibition for Fjord horses there.


A) Our next Board meeting will be held at 8 pm the 10th of August 2015 (May be we need assistance in that meting concerning the EC-rules).

B) Our former Board member Michelle Delaurier was asked from the Board to still edit our web-site. All members of the Board agreed that it was greatly appreciated that she was able to do that for us.

C) Discussion if a personal Board meeting was necessary during 2015.


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