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Written by Nils Ivar Dolvik.

Tuesday 15th of December 2015 (8p.m.-21:30)

Participants: – Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon –
                           Jolien Cnapelinckx (8:40 p.m)

1 Welcome
2 Further look into rules, and decision about sending it out.
3 Program conference Nordfjordeid
4 Anything specific to inform the new members about (USA & Canada)
5 Others

Number 1: The president welcomed all to the skype meeting. A little trouble getting all on board.

Number 2: Maureen had sent us the last version of the European Championship rules and we went through all corrections she had made and decided a final version. She will send our final version to the board after the meeting. Now we are cooperating with Lyn Moran UK for correcting the language of the manuscript. After that it will be sent to the member organizations and also to Denmark that will arrange EC in 2016, for hearing.

Number 3: International Conference Nordfjordeid in 2016.
The conference will be held at the Norwegian Fjord horse Center as in earlier years.
So far it looks at it will be on Wednesday the 4th of May.

It was discussed issues to present at this conference, and here are some of them.
- Jochen's information about breeding development
- Short presentation from new member including Hungary
- Performance tests, contribution from several countries
- Discussion about the importance of controlling inbreeding
- How many known generation to be a genuine Fjord
- How to identify a horse
- Show 2018 (pre-information)

No new ideas on this meeting. The program must be finished in the January meeting.

Number 4: The Board will try to make a letter to the new member countries to introduce them to what is going on in the FjHI by now.

Number 5: Nothing




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