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Present: Dr Zoltan Németh, Magni Hjertenes Flyum, Jenny Johnson, Leif Grimbühler, Jochen Noesinger, Jan Verbeeck.
Excused: Maureen Van Bon

After the opening of the meeting, Jenny welcomed the members present and in particular the representatives from Hungary and Norway. They were invited as part of our "tour around the Fjordhorse World".

What about the Fjord Horse in Hungary?
• In Hungary, the interests of the Fjord Horse are defended by the Hungary Small Horses Organization. It is a studbook organization with only small numbers of registered and bred horse breeds.
• In Hungary there are 33 brood mares that give birth to between 10 and 20 foals annually. The studbook has 4 stallions available who are mainly of Danish descent. Zoltan will forward the details of the stallions to FHI. The organization also asks for support in the search for a new stallion.
• The Hungarian organization is making efforts to increase the population. They mainly aim at the image of the Fjord horse as an ideal all-round family horse that all ages can enjoy. They encounter competition from a native Hungarian breed (Huzule or Carpathian pony?), Which has similar characteristics to the Fjord horse.
• There is 1 official inspection per year and there are also user tests. During this inspection they use the official manual and the 10-point system.
• The current prices in Hungary: stud fee € 150.00; young unlearned horse € 700.00; learned horse € 1600.

What about the Fjord Horse in Norway?
• Magni does not elaborate on the concrete situation in Norway because she assumes that we know it sufficiently.
• The Norwegian studbook makes a lot of effort to get the Fjord horse more attention through good PR: promotional films ...
• There has been a steady increase in the demand for Fjord horses and in the price of the horses. The horses are also increasingly being used effectively.
• Between 150 and 200 foals are born every year.
• The Norwegian studbook is concerned about the relatively low fertility rates of the Fjord horse. It is not clear whether these are the result of an effective health problem or a lack of good management by the breeders.
• The studbook tries to support breeders to take an interest in breeding the 5 different colors. With this they try to preserve these colors and also to optimize the genetic diversity.
• There are ambitious plans to expand the Norsk Fjordhestsenter in Nordfjordeid. There is a price tag of € 5,000,000.00. It is a daily job to get this money together.
• The stallion show will take place behind closed doors this year, with possible lifestyle streaming. There will be many 3 and 4 year stallions present, who will have to pass about 30 tests.
• Norway will translate the informative videos about the usage tests (website) into English.

International Registration Project
Magni says it is, unfortunately, very difficult to find the necessary money for the International Registration Project. The Norwegian government feels that more than enough money is currently being put into the dog and horse sector. That is why you are asked to help look for other (European?) Subsidy options.

GA 2021
• We will organize the GA digitally as we did in 2020. Jochen and Jan will take care of the preparation for this.
• Jan sends emails to get confirmation about the national representatives.
• Norway would like to show the figures of the international status of the Fjord Horse on the GA.
• Asle Espe prepares the financial report.
• There may also be an opportunity for informal contact via Zoom.

New Zealand
• The Board honors New Zealand's request to become a member of FHI. Jochen will inform them about this and will ask Michelle to include them in the info of the website.
• It is still a small studbook with about 50 horses.
• After payment of the membership fee (1000NOK) they are effective members.

Finland may also want to join FHI. Jenny will contact further about this. We may also be able to invite them to our next meeting for an introduction.

There are currently two databases active, each with approximately 25.000 registered horses. Both work on the basis of official data. There are two databases that are being developed in the hobby sphere. Jochen will see to what extent the two enthusiast Fjord fans can possibly come to a collaboration. He will attempt to organize a Zoom Meeting with them.
• Rimondo is a public database, by a German girl.
• Sander Willems has a closed database in Belgium.

International judge conference
In response to America's demand and the cancellation of the international judge conference in Denmark in 2020, we are looking for an opportunity to continue this digitally. Norway hosted a digital judge conference for its own jury members this year and will make a proposal to organize it at an international level. They hope to be able to make this concrete in the course of 03/2021. We are very happy with this initiative.

America asked us how we think about their regulations that exclude a Fjord horse that was used in a cross-breed combination from their register. We believe that this makes little sense, except for its dissuasive character. Products from a cross-breed combination cannot be included in a closed studbook. Jenny will communicate about this further.

Next meeting
16/03/2021 20h30
Invited countries: Austria, United Kingdom, Finland

Jan Verbeeck

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